About Us

My name is Pankaj Patil. I used to read books, but when asked about them, I usually hesitated to share what I learned because I couldn’t remember the material. After finishing the book, I used to forget what I had read. Then, I started writing the important points from the book in my own words with examples. This allowed me to remember everything I learned in that book and within a few days I began to enjoy the process of summarising what I had learned.

That’s when I decided to write this blog. In that, I first started writing what I learned from the books in simple Marathi commentary, then in a few days I started translating the same blogs in English and Hindi with the help of my sister, so that a person of any language can understand the summary of the same books in that person’s commentary. However, readers are requested to let us know through contact us if there is any error or suggestion.

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