Infamous Outermission

Here I am at work, sitting at my desk staring at my computer screen. I want to help people at my job with their work but no one seems to need it at the moment. So I’m here writing this post for a bit I guess.

I said that I would begin to post every day. Not caring too much about optimizing the content for the most part. Of course a few of them would be optimized but many of them will just be me talking about whatever the hell I want to.

This is Self Help Sage right? So I’m going to help myself. Maybe by me getting things off of my chest through writing, I can help other people. I really want people to read and comment and tell me what they feel or think about what I have to say. Maybe some of you out there can help me or other people as well with your input.

(So we gonna take this lil intermission dun, hear what the f I have to say.)

Sorry, I’m a Mobb Deep fan. I like rap/hip hop whatever you want to call it.

Let’s Proceed.

I’ve realized over the years, that I have many talents. I just don’t know why I never use them to my advantage.

I kind of have an idea as to the reason. I feel as though I have no self worth and that is the reason why. I constantly look to others to validate my work and actions, which they do, but at the same time they look to belittle me and sabotage my success, if that makes sense. There’s always an ulterior motive. This may be the source of mixed signals about how I feel about the possibilities in my life.

My own friends and family do this to me. I realized that it’s not on purpose. I think as human beings we have an instinct to sabotage the next person because deep down we do not want anyone else to succeed. We do this to secure our position. It’s a “crabs in a bucket” mentality.

Everyone is trying to climb over each other, if we worked together for a common good we would be flying around on hover packs and everything would have been wireless in 1950. Ask Nicola Tesla (seriously, ask him if u can…or at least check this out)

What we say gives the facade of our support and happiness in others’ success but our actions speak otherwise. “Oh yeah I’m happy for him, but why would he do such and such with so and so? Oh that’s cool but why’d you spend so much on that car/house/ (insert any jealousy inducing bauble or commodity here)”

What??!!! Why can’t you just be happy for someone else success?

I think it is a natural part of our biology. Whether you are a creationist or you believe in evolution people have been envious of others success and prosperity since the beginning of time.

Maybe some of you are familiar with the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. Cain was so jealous of his own brother’s favor with God. That he lured him to the field and killed him. His own brother!

Aside: A lot of people write the Bible off as a boring, out dated book. But even if you do not believe in its message or God, there are valuable life lessons in human nature and little nuggets of knowledge that are contained in its pages.

Human nature does not seem to have changed, even from ancient times. We constantly tout that we are so evolved and we have achieved so much. This is true in a sense. While we have made tremendous strides in technology, science and other academia we still treat each other like Shit.

We have no principles; in fact it seems like the principles such as honor, loyalty and respect have altogether disappeared from our society. I guess it’s safe to say we’re devolving in this aspect of the human experience. No one follows these codes and principles that were previously held in such high regard.

To top it off we all have this notion that the earth is running out of resources and that there is not enough to go around. So we decide to treat the earth and animals better than we treat our fellow humans. People are killing people left and right in the world because of belief in a different god but you kick a dog you might go to jail…

The world is hopeless.

You have 99% of regular people in the world and then you have that one percent that controls everything and are inaccessible to the rest of us average people. But is this really the case? Why must the majority be subjugated by the minority? Why do they not teach you how to work for yourself and think outside of the box in academic institutions?

We believe that it is impossible for everyone to live in prosperity, that there must be a proletariat, a working class to further the needs of the elite. The interests of the bosses are self serving. This is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. Fuck Karl Marx and his means of production(I do respect his genius though).

I don’t believe that the bourgeoisie really needs wages to be low. They just realized that by clouding our values with shameless consumerism we would be stuck in a hand to mouth existence, based solely on their greed and childish need for exclusivity.

If they increased the minimum wage to $20 an hour most of us would still complain about how unfair the people at the top have it, and why their bonuses are so high.

However, one thing I do agree with Mr. Marx on is that the so called proletariat can topple the system if they unified. Why do you think they quelled the Occupy Protests so quickly? All of that is but a faint memory to those of us that remember.

I sometimes wonder if medieval serfs had it better working the king’s land. They had to pay tribute but they were essentially self-employed. They rented their means of production Huh Karl?

After the Industrial Revolution people got used to city living and not having to think about solving problems. They went to work and lived out the bane of their miserable existence in silence.

Truth be told, if we wanted too, the 7 billion people in the world could all live in the United States comfortably, with enough resources and equal enjoyment of those resources by all. None of our resources are originally from earth anyway. We should go and farm asteroids or something.

Come to think of it aren’t we from outer space? If you believe in the big bang, there is a singularity from which we all originated. If you believe in intelligent design the designer most likely he’s not from this planet.

Oh My God!! Sometimes I wish I could shoot myself in the face. My job is making me crazy. Sorry a little off topic but it’s pertinent to me and my life so what the hell.

Well as I was saying. We live in a society of classes because of mans desire of exclusivity and control. Not because there is not enough to go around.

Why are there people who live and die as whispers and others that will be remembered as long as humans communicate?

It is all in your mind.

Do you think the natives in the jungle of Brazil know who Kim Kardahsian is? I doubt it and I doubt that they care. The might not even know who Jesus is for that matter.

It’s kind of like if a tree falls in the woods does it make a noise?





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