I lied: The Ballad of Scott Weiland,( Stoned Temple Pilot)

So yeah guys(and gals;) I lied.

I said that I would be writing and posting everyday but I haven’t been doing this at all.

This is the reason that I get nothing done and perhaps Its the same for you as well.

I know every-time I set out to do something it’s like it just unravels.

Well Today was A trip.

No, I didn’t take a trip numb-nuts, I had a rather strange day to say the least.

I have been really enjoying work. But the time seems to be going by so quickly and everyday seems to get shorter.

People seem to love me but with and air of indifference. I have friends but I feel as though none of the relationships I have or are currently developing or dissipating are fulfilling.

Life is an oxymoron it might as well be called death.

So I’m sitting there just writing out these old sales letters and ad’s and stuff, (I’ll tell you why later) and it just occurred to me that I need to write some thing that my four or five readers can read, side-note:I really Appreciate you guys!

So enough with the sentimental stuff.

Come on, lets do this.

So before in a previous post, I was taking about how I was beginning to manifest things. Like I’m seriously making progress thinking things, albeit small things, into existence all by following this program that I bought along with a few books and some common sense.

But enough about that.

I came here to talk to you today about why I haven’t been writing and also about why my manifestation has been failing.

It is the reason that my life is off track and very likely the reason that yours is too.


Yeah that’s it.


I don’t write because I’d rather sit down and stuff my face, smoke weed and watch TV.

I sit at my job all day and waste some valuable time. Time that I can use to further my education or maybe even write something to post here.

Well (I was about to say, “No more!” but should I really say that?)

Like I said we’re Self Help Sage, Buddy. I guess I’m trying to help myself. If others stumble upon this and benefit all the better, but this is for me.

I’ll be honest with you by being honest with my self and maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to make this change.

I know for a fact I can make money appear out of seemingly no where. I recieved a check from the DMV recently, and found some unclaimed money. Recently I have been managing not not only to pay all my bills and start paying all my debt. I have been more disciplined, but not no where enough.

I have not been drinking and getting drunk as I used to. Today I could have went to “hang out” with my friends where I would have definitely been smoking and maybe even doing other drugs but I declined and came home to share my tales of fortitude with you.

I said I will create a billion dollars from absolutely no where and I know it will happen, and happen it shall soon.

But it requires my mind to laser focus on the goal to the point that I can feel it being seared into to my mind like a branding iron in a cow’s flank.

RIP Scott Weiland

I never really listened to Stone Temple Pilots but this story about Scott’s death really touched me.

I think to myself. “Would this be me if I were to get that kind of money?”

Many people feel as thought money and fame are the keys to happiness but I don’ think that at all.

I think passion is. Scott Weiland had that passion, his music, this passion got him fame and money and everything people usually desire.

He had the passion and the discipline to go after what he knew to be his destiny.

He lacked the discipline to know when to not live his stage persona as his real life (he was an amazing performer by the way.)

I applaud Scott for doing what he loved. God Knows that’s what we should all be doing. But he didn’t realize the life that he lived for years was undisciplined in every other aspect, except for his music, this caused him to spiral out of control.

I’m sure there were great times that he had, not only as a rock star but also as a family man. Living up to what people percive you as is a tall order.

Believe me. I have tried to live up to people’s expectations of me and it never works, whether those expectations are good or bad. In Scott’s case (and in mine) those expectations were bad. He had to live a rock and roll lifestyle even out of public view.

This is what his wife had to say in an article she wrote for Rolling Stone:

“Over the last few years, I could hear his sadness and confusion when he’d call me late into the night, often crying about his inability to separate himself from negative people and bad choices.”

He did not have the disciple to separate himself from negativity and it ultimately lead to his demise.

What this means to me (maybe to you as well)

I just think that its a shame so many people waste their lives away. Some of us have something that we are passionate about, a few are lucky to get paid to do what they love and enjoy life a little more than the rest of us.

But even if you do what you love you may not be happy. Life requires disciple and in today’s world, where you’re bombarded with so much stimuli it’s a wonder that we’re not all on Adderal or Ritalin or Riterall…(if u watch Always Sunny you know what i mean..)

Slow down. Make a small step in the right direction Show discipline Nigga!!


I hope this helped you out.

If it did I’m glad because writing this really helped me get my mind right.






Infamous Outermission

Here I am at work, sitting at my desk staring at my computer screen. I want to help people at my job with their work but no one seems to need it at the moment. So I’m here writing this post for a bit I guess.

I said that I would begin to post every day. Not caring too much about optimizing the content for the most part. Of course a few of them would be optimized but many of them will just be me talking about whatever the hell I want to.

This is Self Help Sage right? So I’m going to help myself. Maybe by me getting things off of my chest through writing, I can help other people. I really want people to read and comment and tell me what they feel or think about what I have to say. Maybe some of you out there can help me or other people as well with your input.

(So we gonna take this lil intermission dun, hear what the f I have to say.)

Sorry, I’m a Mobb Deep fan. I like rap/hip hop whatever you want to call it.

Let’s Proceed.

I’ve realized over the years, that I have many talents. I just don’t know why I never use them to my advantage.

I kind of have an idea as to the reason. I feel as though I have no self worth and that is the reason why. I constantly look to others to validate my work and actions, which they do, but at the same time they look to belittle me and sabotage my success, if that makes sense. There’s always an ulterior motive. This may be the source of mixed signals about how I feel about the possibilities in my life.

My own friends and family do this to me. I realized that it’s not on purpose. I think as human beings we have an instinct to sabotage the next person because deep down we do not want anyone else to succeed. We do this to secure our position. It’s a “crabs in a bucket” mentality.

Everyone is trying to climb over each other, if we worked together for a common good we would be flying around on hover packs and everything would have been wireless in 1950. Ask Nicola Tesla (seriously, ask him if u can…or at least check this out)

What we say gives the facade of our support and happiness in others’ success but our actions speak otherwise. “Oh yeah I’m happy for him, but why would he do such and such with so and so? Oh that’s cool but why’d you spend so much on that car/house/ (insert any jealousy inducing bauble or commodity here)”

What??!!! Why can’t you just be happy for someone else success?

I think it is a natural part of our biology. Whether you are a creationist or you believe in evolution people have been envious of others success and prosperity since the beginning of time.

Maybe some of you are familiar with the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. Cain was so jealous of his own brother’s favor with God. That he lured him to the field and killed him. His own brother!

Aside: A lot of people write the Bible off as a boring, out dated book. But even if you do not believe in its message or God, there are valuable life lessons in human nature and little nuggets of knowledge that are contained in its pages.

Human nature does not seem to have changed, even from ancient times. We constantly tout that we are so evolved and we have achieved so much. This is true in a sense. While we have made tremendous strides in technology, science and other academia we still treat each other like Shit.

We have no principles; in fact it seems like the principles such as honor, loyalty and respect have altogether disappeared from our society. I guess it’s safe to say we’re devolving in this aspect of the human experience. No one follows these codes and principles that were previously held in such high regard.

To top it off we all have this notion that the earth is running out of resources and that there is not enough to go around. So we decide to treat the earth and animals better than we treat our fellow humans. People are killing people left and right in the world because of belief in a different god but you kick a dog you might go to jail…

The world is hopeless.

You have 99% of regular people in the world and then you have that one percent that controls everything and are inaccessible to the rest of us average people. But is this really the case? Why must the majority be subjugated by the minority? Why do they not teach you how to work for yourself and think outside of the box in academic institutions?

We believe that it is impossible for everyone to live in prosperity, that there must be a proletariat, a working class to further the needs of the elite. The interests of the bosses are self serving. This is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. Fuck Karl Marx and his means of production(I do respect his genius though).

I don’t believe that the bourgeoisie really needs wages to be low. They just realized that by clouding our values with shameless consumerism we would be stuck in a hand to mouth existence, based solely on their greed and childish need for exclusivity.

If they increased the minimum wage to $20 an hour most of us would still complain about how unfair the people at the top have it, and why their bonuses are so high.

However, one thing I do agree with Mr. Marx on is that the so called proletariat can topple the system if they unified. Why do you think they quelled the Occupy Protests so quickly? All of that is but a faint memory to those of us that remember.

I sometimes wonder if medieval serfs had it better working the king’s land. They had to pay tribute but they were essentially self-employed. They rented their means of production Huh Karl?

After the Industrial Revolution people got used to city living and not having to think about solving problems. They went to work and lived out the bane of their miserable existence in silence.

Truth be told, if we wanted too, the 7 billion people in the world could all live in the United States comfortably, with enough resources and equal enjoyment of those resources by all. None of our resources are originally from earth anyway. We should go and farm asteroids or something.

Come to think of it aren’t we from outer space? If you believe in the big bang, there is a singularity from which we all originated. If you believe in intelligent design the designer most likely he’s not from this planet.

Oh My God!! Sometimes I wish I could shoot myself in the face. My job is making me crazy. Sorry a little off topic but it’s pertinent to me and my life so what the hell.

Well as I was saying. We live in a society of classes because of mans desire of exclusivity and control. Not because there is not enough to go around.

Why are there people who live and die as whispers and others that will be remembered as long as humans communicate?

It is all in your mind.

Do you think the natives in the jungle of Brazil know who Kim Kardahsian is? I doubt it and I doubt that they care. The might not even know who Jesus is for that matter.

It’s kind of like if a tree falls in the woods does it make a noise?





First Post of the Rest of My Life

So here I am.

I am going to make it a HABBIT (you will see why this all caps soon) to post on this blog every night starting tonight.

Some of it will no doubt be ramblings and some of it may be terribly unreadable but I don’t care at this point.

Maybe you have read a few of my articles on this site.

You might like them, you might not. I frankly don’t care anymore.

Like I said this is just going to me writing and posting this. I’m not looking to optimize this post. I might promote it, or not.

Beginning to sound like Shakespeare again. To be or not to be. Hahahaha

I had to laugh.

Well anyway I had a shitty day as usual which sucks because I was really improving my situation in life.

I was making some headway learning how to manifest things. I even started to manifest really small things in my life.

Finding money here and there, winning a few dollar scratch offs, nothing major, but I was really seeing some results to what I kept my focus on almost perpetually.

Becoming a billionaire.

I know if you’re reading this, you are without a doubt thinking that this guy has got to be insane.

Well I am.

I know you’re asking.

How me winning a few dollars and finding a few more make me think I could do it with a billion dollars.

Some of you “skeptics” out there might even be saying; all that money I found could all be coincidence.

I also know that, at the risk of being terribly cliché and corny (let’s call it clichorny 🙂 That pennies make dollars and sand makes a beach.

In other worlds, for you stupid literal people out there that bit by bit my manifestation will gain momentum.

I have had a few “opportunities” to make money here and there but they have all been falling through.

I am beginning to doubt if any one does what they say anymore because I have been dealing with some seriously flaky people.

Like I said rambling, but Mr. Person (or Ms. Person, I don’t mean to be sexist.) I figured out why I have been around these people and why I continuously fail at things, or at least, to be fair, believe that I failed in trying to accomplish what I know I want.



Not Bilbo Baggins, That’s a hobbit, I’m talking about Habits those little things that we nurture in our lives as pets.

These things either consume us or help us produce. They help or hinder, Facilitate or debilitate.

Moron dis later… I’m gonna go to sleep but I’m happy with this post. I feel like Doogie Howzer. (i’m also happy that this is under 500 words and has no target keyword….)



Destiny Tuning: 10 Facts You Must Know

What is Destiny Tuning?

Destiny Tuning is simply is the art of focusing your energy, or your true essence in order to make your dreams a reality.

This explanation is a bit vague so I decided to break down what I learned from various books and programs into 10 easy to understand tidbits; to organize my thoughts and maybe help some of you folks out there that are curious about this new? aspect of the Law of Attraction.

10. Destiny Tuning is (Not Really) New

While Destiny Tuning may seem like some new secret that was just revealed, it has been around for centuries. The proof being that there are many people who have used the Law of Attraction and have manifested all their hearts’ desires. I read this Free Destiny Tuning PDF which explained it to me in further detail

9. Destiny Tuning PDF to Guide You (Its free)

This is one of the resources that help put the puzzle together for me. it provides some clear cut, simple information on how destiny tuning works and why it plays a crucial part in using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want.

8. Destiny Tuning Is Half Of The Puzzle

Many people have read the book the Secret and are, or were enchanted with the idea that you could think of what you desire and it would magically materialize. The Secret, which is a great read by the way, Destiny Tuning- Puzzleexplains that what you think of on a continual basis is what will materialize in your life. This is only half of the puzzle the other half is;  you guessed it, Destiny Tuning.

7. Destiny Tuning is Love

The book, Love is Letting go of Fear showed me how to reprogram my mind. The premise is that there are only two emotions; Love and Fear. What ever you feel or experience is a product of either of these emotions. This a crucial element for destiny tuning because it is the alignment of your desires with positive energy which is LOVE.

6. The Type of Energy You Choose is Crucial

YES!! Say it with me and feel the positivity flow as your vocal chords vibrate to make the word.

Destiny Tuning- Yes

Hehe…Chances are that you didn’t even say the word but you surely thought about it. That’s OK, even thinking about the word conjures up positive images and a  feeling of “lightness” (at least for me) as though the stress that weighs me down suddenly disappears into thin air. Now think about the word NO. Chances are feelings of negativity pop up out of no where, I know they do for me.

This may be a minor example, but the fact that these two simple one syllable words can evoke such difference in feelings so quickly tells me something.

Words and thoughts are extremely powerful, and not just think of what you want, but how you think of what you want.

Let me explain. The reason that The Law of Attraction does not work for many people is that they may know what they (believe they) want and they think about it and focus on it but it doesn’t happen.

Why? Because they are still focused on the negative. Remember number seven, Destiny Tuning is Love? Perhaps another way to put it would be that Destiny Tuning is positivity.

5. Like Energy Attracts Like Energy

I used to work as a telemarketer for a company that provided loans for businesses by giving advances on credit card purchases made for that business. Me and a couple of friends worked there together while I was in college

I know, I know I was one of those people that you love to hate, the ones that call while you where busy at work, trying to sell you something that you didn’t need. Just Kidding, I barely worked there for two months. Part of the reason for this is because I never got sales.

But I will always remember this guy that worked there named Mitch. He was one of the closers there, we would hook the fish(or were supposed to) and he would reel ’em in. This guy was a great salesman but pretty arrogant in my opinion, he had every right to be however because he was making thousands a week. I always wondered how he would be closing 4 or 5 sales a day and I got none the entire two weeks that I worked there.

Since studying the Law of Attraction and Destiny Tuning I figured it out…

Destiny Tuning- Energy

Mitch would walk around the office saying “I’m Amazing and I’m the S@#$” and things of that nature. Me and my friends would be laughing silently and even mock him after work. It occurs to me all these years later that the reason Mitch was so successful was because he said these things and believed them. These affirmations gave him positivity and the people he talked to on the phone felt that and gravitated toward him giving him perpetual success. BE POSITIVE!!!

4. Destiny Tuning is Abandoning Your Ego for Your Intuitions

As kids we know what we want but as we get older we become materialistic and allow our possessions to define us, these possessions feed our ego. Everyone knows what an ego is, its that voice that you hear that ridicules you or praises you depending on what you think of your self.

If you think well of yourself, your ego praises you, if you think poorly, your ego shuns you and makes you feel as though you’re the scum of the earth…a little harsh? I know it is, but I also know that there are guys and gals out there that feel the same way sometimes, it might not be you, but believe me there are people that feel that way.

Remember Mitch from number 5? He was a pompous SOB but his ego fed into how he truly felt about himself and I don’t believe that anyone could make him change his mind.

Let me tell you a story…

I used to work at a pretty big department store a whiles back (yeah I’m one of those people with a million jobs prior.) Now naturally there were many people that worked in this store, the majority of which were female. There where some very attractive girls there.

In this store there was a make up section. These girls were some of the hottest women I have ever seen (with or without make up.)

Now from time to time I would run into some of them on the way to an from the lunch room or bathroom. One day on the elevator, I saw this girl from one of the make up stands. I noticed a tattoo of a Phoenix rising out of some fire on her arm.

“Nice tattoo, is that a Phoenix? She said “Yeah” and smiled at me “Is that you?” She turned and gave me a bigger smile and got off the elevator.

A few days later I passed her by the lunch room. “I’m sooo tired..I wanna go home!” she exclaimed to me when she saw me.”Get back to work!” I playfully chided her, she smiled and said: See you later.

I’m feeling like, “Damn, this girl likes me??” One of my coworkers passed me and said “Yo, who is that?” He looked exactly like Doug’s friend Deacon from the sitcom King of Queens. I swear my life is like a movie.

“Some girl from make up.” I stated nonchalantly “She’s to hot for you dude.” he replied with a sneer.

Confirmation. She was too hot for me. Guess what. I avoided her as much as possible because I “knew” she wasn’t into me.

A few weeks later the entire store was there after hours doing inventory. I saw my dream girl. She came up to me “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.” “I been here, work, school…” “Oh..there was an awkward pause and she walked away. I still saw her here and there and felt her looking at me but I allowed myself to believe what my coworker said to me.

Why did I tell you this?

Because of my lack of Love for myself I allowed my ego to be controlled by what others thought of me. This may be an extreme case but I know many people who allow their ego to tell them they need to impress other people. Even someone as confident as Mitch may have deeply buried insecurities that might control his or her life.

I say this because there is no need to be an obnoxious person but there is definitely a need for you to tell yourself that you are Awesome!

3.You need to think logically with your Heart.

I know it might sound like its counter intuitive but for Destiny Tuning and the Law of Attraction to work you need to follow your heart but also think logically.

Destiny Tuning- Heart

Your gut instinct, or maybe you can even call it your conscience will let you know what is right you just have to learn to listen.

When the iPhone 2 came out I wanted one but my carrier told me that I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade at the moment.

I still wanted the phone, so I decided to look for sellers on Craigslist, bad idea in hindsight. I found one ad “IPHONE 2 UNLOCKED, NIB.” I clicked the ad:

Brand New In Box iPhone 2. $350

$350 Call Now #213 555 7263

It looked too good to be true! What a steal. My gut said to me: “No way that’s real! Don’t call.” My ego on the other hand chimed in: “Hey just check it out you know you need it. Think of all the girls you’ll get, it’s a conversation starter. Plus, you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

“Yeah, I’ll just check it out.” I thought.

I called the number….

Who’s this?
Oh, I saw your ad about the phone.
Which phone?
The iPhone 2, how many phones you got?
I sell phones buddy!
Ok bro no need for hostility can I buy the iPhone?
Yeah. You got the cash?
$350 right?
Yeah. Meet me at Slauson Mall at two o’ clock
Damn! Slau….

I knew it was a bad idea. I knew Slausson Mall was no joke especially since I’m not from that neighborhood, Hell I don’t even associate with those kind of people. “Don’t go” I heard my conscience say to me. “But think of all the admiration and Girls!!”

I went. As I walked in a short light skinned guy with braids approached me. “Hey you the guy that wanted the iPhone.” “Yeah that’s me.” OK, I don’t have a stall here so we have to watch out for police.” “Ok.” I immediately felt a queasy feeling in my stomach, like I was going to be sick. “Oh yeah. I’m Rico by the way.” “Wassup..how you doing.” I replied nervously rubbing the top of my jeans pocket. “Yo. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t be wearing blue around here?” My stomach sank. “Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have come here.” I thought to myself. “Don’t worry about anything just look out for the cops, these n*&@#s won’t do anything, they know me. Lemme get the money.” I gave him the money.  “Here.” He handed me a red plastic bag. I grabbed it. I felt heavy, I opened it and saw an iPhone 2 box.

“OH S$%# THE COPS!” Rico yelled and disappeared from view and I immediately took off running. I didn’t even stop to catch my breath as I heard footsteps and the fuzzy sound of walkie talkies behind me. I rounded the corner on a dime and saw a cab that seemed to appear out of no where. I jumped in it and told him “Echo Park! Hurry!” He took off and sped out of the parking lot.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes I thought to myself. I got away!” I looked into the bag with a grin, like a kid on Christmas and grabbed the box. Felt good. I cut the tape and opened the box….


That’s what was in the box.

Why did I tell you this?

I decided to follow my ego and even though I knew I was placing myself in a precarious situation; I let my desire to impress people motivate my actions. I also was desperate for the iPhone.

Desperation and Destiny Tuning never intersect….

2. Look within…

Sounds cliche, but self examination is essential for effective destiny tuning and manifestation. By looking within, you find out not only who you are and what you want. You also find out what you don’t want.

Many times we give our power to make decisions in our lives over to people without even knowing it. Think about it. How many goals in your life are actually yours and how many of them are your goals because they will make someone else happy.

I know from my own personal experience that this is a recipe for failure.

I wasted (in my opinion) four years getting a degree that I do not use to this day. While I consider it an accomplishment, this degree is not something that I wanted to do. I really wanted to do music, but to make my parents happy, I went along with their wishes and got a Bachelors Degree. Now the only thing that this degree does for me is decorate a wall in my room.

Now I can’t really say that it was all a waste because I learned a lot about life and met some wonderful people along the way. However, going to college made me doubt who I was and what I wanted.

I had specific plans, but the plans I had did not fit in to what my parents wanted for me. By not following my own path I was miserable and this manifested itself in bad habits. I started drinking alcohol a lot, doing drugs and even got into very regrettable relationships with some people I would have probably never associated with had I been comfortable in my own skin.

In the state that I was in, it would be impossible for me to manifest what I desired. I can still remember the feelings of hopelessness and negativity that were regular guests in my life at the time. I can even recall times I just wanted to die.

I know that there are many people out there that feel the same way. I also know that there are people that have it seemingly worse or better than me, but comparing your life to someone else will only lead to your destruction.

That is why you need to look within and stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Pay no mind to people that compare you to another person they are very likely unhappy with their own lives.

1. Love Yourself

As you might have figured by now, Love plays a major role in destiny tuning. It might seem like I’m repeating myself, but when you realize how important Love is and how it changes your entire world you will understand why.

To truly love another person one must first love him/herself.

There are tons of people out there that “love” others and are nice to other people but they don’t love themselves. These people may continually find that they are being taken advantage of and wonder why this is the case. Not only are they being taken advantage of, they also blame themselves for being used and this leaves them in a vicious cycle of self loathing and abuse by others.

Even Jesus Christ had something to say about this:

“…’Love your neighbor as yourself.’
There is no commandment
greater than these.” Mark 12:31

You must love yoDestiny Tuning-Loveurself. How can you love another when you do not know how to love yourself. This relates back to point 2: Look Within.

We look to many things and people outside of ourselves for what we desire, when all the answers lie within us. We look to others for love and think by loving others and putting ourselves down that we will get love in return. This is never the case.

We must start by loving ourselves.

When you don’t love yourself most other people won’t love you. If you do not feel you deserve your own love why should they love you.

As humans we sense how other people feel. Sometimes we know how other people feel better than we know how we feel ourselves. I am positive we have all been around people that made us feel either uncomfortable or at ease and these people may not even say anything or even look at us. We get a “vibe” from this person that makes us feel this way. Don’t you think that people can sense how you feel, which is always a reflection of how you feel about yourself?

If you don’t feel love toward yourself, it will be less likely that other people will feel love for you. Since love is the most basic of positive emotions, like I mentioned in point 7, your life will harbor negativity if you don’t love yourself, even though you don’t mean for life to be negative it will be.

This negativity will create the perception that you are not worthy and that perception will become your reality.

Once you feel you are not worthy people you meet will feel the same way about you and any opportunities that life presents you to achieve your dreams will pass you by because you do not believe you are good enough. All because you do not love yourself.

You know what?

I hope that you enjoyed my thoughts on destiny tuning and the Law of Attraction. Another law that I think goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction is the Law of Averages.

But we’ll save that for another time…

The books and guides that really helped me understand Destiny Tuning are:

  1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (good read, good intro to the Law of Attraction)
  2. Love is Letting Go of Fear by Jerry Jampolsky (Is a good book on Destiny Tuning, the Love aspect, It helped me learn how to think, was based on A Course in Miracles, I want to read this one and write my thoughts on it)
  3. The Bible (I think this is the original Manifestation guide book. Not all of it but there are some great parts on manifestation in it if you look. Yet another article to do)
  4. Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews (By far the most comprehensive guide to Destiny Tuning and the Law of Attraction I have used to date)

Thanks for reading, see you on the other side….

Ancient Self Help: The Art of Love

People may believe that self help is a new phenomenon or business model. But this is not true,  especially regarding matters of the heart.

The Art of Love

Ars Amatoria is a book by one of Ancient Rome’s most famous poets Ovid. Written around the second century A.D. This book may actually give some very familiar advice just based in an ancient contexThe Art of Lovet.

The book is in three parts, the first two parts target the male suitor and the last part is for females. I found it to be a very entertaining and informative read to say the least.

It has more advice for men than women. This may be because of gender roles, which have stayed mostly the same through the millennia, where romantic relationships are concerned. The male is the pursuer. The  first part is on getting the girl. The second part is on keeping the girl and the last part; mainly is to teach girls how to make themselves desirable.

Ovid’s Art of Love really shows how advanced socially the Ancient Romans were. Or on the other hand, shows how much people have not changed in over two thousand years.

For men; the book not only shows how to show interest towards the fairer sex, such as finding excuses to brush away “imaginary dust,” but also on grooming and hygiene and what places you can find her.

Places like the theater, the races or the circus were where single people went to find romantic partners. Also the beach and at the dinner table at feasts and triumphs in war( basically parades.) As you can see some of the places we meet today are different locations but fundamentally the same in principle. They were social gatherings to celebrate events. The same can be said of present day. People gather at sporting events or the theater as well as public celebrations such as parades or New Years celebrations. People also still gather at the beach.

The Art of Love also shows men and women how to behave in a relationship and how to act towards each other. It promotes lying  and deception on both sides. Men and women, telling men to fake cry and women to “make him believe he is loved.” I guess all is fair in love and war, right?

It teaches how to keep a relationship fresh. Telling men to “Let her miss you (but not for too long.)” And women to “Use jealousy and fear” to control your lover.

Ars Amatoria has good advice for men on remembering birthdays, complimenting her, using aphrodisiacs, not asking her about her age and not mentioning her faults.

This book advises having older and younger lovers for women. I believe that it makes the same assumption for men. To beware of “false lovers” or men with bad intentions(basically players.)  It teaches different sexual positions in a creative way in part three for both men and women and about generosity in making love for men in part two.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I did not get all of the references and had to look some of them up because of my unfamiliarity with some Greek and Roman gods and history. But the advice is sound in some parts and can really be applied to present day romantic relationships.

Even though The Art of Love was written more than two thousand years ago, it seems that not much has changed socially since then. Human society tends to go in a cycle on the way it publicly views sex and love; from a liberal view to conservative and back to liberal. But deep down, all the while, we never change…

Surviving an Electromagnetic Pulse: Darkest Days

Electromagnetic pulse is a term that you may have heard in movies and on television. But what is it exactly? A quick Google search yields a definition by Fox news:

“An EMP is a blast of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt — if not destroy — electronic devices within an affected area. You can’t smell, taste or feel EMP radiation, which can be unleashed by nuclear explosions as well as by solar storms and devices.”

Let’s take a second to think of  what this means for our electroSurviving an electromanetic pulsenic dependent society. If our devices were at the very least disrupted by an electromagnetic pulse, we would lose not only electricity, but our water supply, our entire financial system, and infrastructure that we use everyday such as stop lights, hospitals, public and air transportation and even our own vehicles, which are all, since the 1970’s dependent on electronics to run.

Think about it, really think about it. Can you recall a day that electricity has not played a major role in your life? Having become so reliant on electricity has basically put us at the mercy of electromagnetic waves. Either man made or produced by the sun.

So how do you survive a threat that will basically, cripple mainstream society set off a chain of disasters such as food and water shortage and  and send us hurtling back into the dark ages?

The first thing that you can do is to get educated.

Surviving an electromagnetic pulse is not impossible. I found a great book that I have read cover to cover called Darkest Days. It actually comes with two other useful guides when you click on this link here.

This book shows what you can do to survive during a doomsday scenario of this magnitude.

It gives you techniques used by the Amish to store food and live off the fat of the land. If there was any group of people who could show us how to live in a modern world with none of the technology that we’re used to it would be the Amish.

It also shows how to create a device using items found at home to shield electronics for just a few dollars.

I really enjoyed reading Darkest Days. It provided me with a lot of useful information that I can use not only in a crisis situation but in everyday situations as well.



Who Am I Really?

When people ask me for help I tell them to help themselves.

I don’t really know what to write. I need to tell you how to help yourself but I really don’t know how I can help myself.

Its funny isn’t it? The self. How it can be possessed(yourself, myself etc.) How after an unfortunate incident in which you are culpable, you can say, “but I wasn’t my self!” That then begs the question, “Who are you?”

Who am I?

Who am I? This is the first thing you need to figure out. Then as the great bard William would say, “To thyself be true. When used in this context, is the biggest piece of self help advice in a general sense. If you want to help yourself; you must know yourself, and then love yourself enough to be honest with yourself.Who am I?

This is the main reason that we need self-help programs in the first place. People do not love themselves enough to actually sit down and be honest to themselves and want to look to others for help when all the help you need is inside.

You need to love yourself enough to actually do what is necessary. To have the discipline to see your faults and flaws, love them, but love them for the challenges they are. They build character as you improve on them or even use them to your advantage.

What about liking you exactly as you are and really caring less of what people think of you? How about you stop worrying about getting old and not accomplishing anything and be happy with who you are and what you have in this present moment? Embrace it and become familiar with it. Enough so you can improve on it.

The first exercise in self help that I want you to try is this:


You do not have to pay for all education. In fact most education is free. If you are willing to try things for yourself and experiment.

If that’s your thing then, by all means, go and test, tinker and take notes. Develop a theory and test it scientifically if possible, applying it to the real world in the process, taking meticulous notes along the way.

Or if you are more like me just do some research on people who have already done the research and use their knowledge.

No mans an island….

Text Psychology

Text Psychology, What do you think?

About a decade ago, SMS text messages as a method of communication became  prevalent with the advent of more phones with QWERTY keyboards such as Blackberry’s and Sidekicks. Text Psychology is the study of the mind state of people when they text in different situations. (Text Psychology is a pseudoscience)

Text Psychology

I find text psychology to be an interesting subject. A subject that has not had much study. As communication evolves, the psychological factors behind the evolution and the sociological effects of text messages need to be studied.

Text messages, I believe fall somewhere on the spectrum of communication, between social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and actual phone conversations.

Texts are more personal than social media; because many people who would not think twice about accepting new friends on social media sites, guard their phone number diligently.  However, they are not as personal as a phone call because, lets face it, who has the time to call anymore? Just kidding..:)

They are not as personal because there are nuances in voice, such as tone, which can convey feelings not necessarily expressed in the actual words that a person is saying.  In other words; the way you sound when you are speaking to someone can be a bigger communicator than what you are actually saying.This is the main difference between


SMS Text communication and verbal conversation. There have been times where I would text someone something and it may come across as mean when I may have been playfully teasing them. They could not tell that I was joking because they could not hear what I was saying or see my facial expressions.

There are studies that state that a mere 7% of communication is verbal with the rest being non-verbal. If this is the case then there is a major handicap to our natural means of communication in texting and even with emoticons much of the message may be misinterpreted.

In a text conversation a person has the ability to prolong response, a luxury not ordinarily afforded in a real conversation. This can be used by people as a power play in a conversation. Often times the last person to send a text will feel as though they are at the mercy of the recipient of their message because they are waiting on a person to respond and validate their conversation. Thus showing how important to the recipient the sender is .

In a verbal conversation in contrast with a text conversation there is little chance to think about what you are saying before you say it. Whereas with a text, email or other written communication you have the opportunity to think “Is this something that I want to send to this person?” But as stated texts are more personal than an email, but are way faster than a written letter.

This “proofreading” factor can go the opposite way as well. This phenomenon is sometimes known as “drunk texting” when intoxicated, or even emotional texting. Where you basically fire text messages sporadically without a second thought of what you are saying and the effects it will have on the relationships with those people. An act that I have been guilty of to many times to say the least.

As stated before, texts are more personal because people guard their cell phone numbers almost like their social security number. A thought that may seem as an exaggeration but if you think of the attachment that people have to their cell phones it may not be so farfetched at all.

Most people cannot remember life prior to cellphones. They feel naked or lost without them. Whenever you are on public transportation or in a social setting, take a look at how many people are on their phones. This is an indicator of the role that cellphones play in many people’s lives. An indispensable one to say the least. So to have direct access to a persons phone via SMS text gives you direct access to their life.

Text the Romance Back, Can Texts Save Your Relationship?

No time for romance? Relationship expert Michael Fiore says you’re wrong. He can show you how to bring all the romance, love and even passion you’re missing back into your relationship, simply by pushing a few buttons on the cell phone you have in your pocket or purse  right now.

“Digital Telepathy”

Text messages are the closest thing to telepathy we have” says Fiore. “Simply by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone you can create a private little fantasy world between you and your partner … where you can say or do anything without anyone else having a clue.”


What I Think:Text the Romance Back

This is very true and it is also an original way of looking at something like a text message. I am writing from a male point of view and even the thought of a text as a “fantasy world” where you and your partner can do or say anything you want gives me goosebumps.

At first I was very skeptical of Text the Romance Back. Text messages to make someone love you or make them interested in you again? Sounds too good to be true. But then I decided to get this program for myself and try it out on my romantic interest.

The person I tried a few of the texts on was a 300x250-texting_men_squeezeperson that I was interested in for a long time. She was once attracted to me but in my ordinary fashion; I said and did all the wrong things and successfully made her stop liking me as a romantic interest. We remained friends, although she ignored all romantic advances that I made toward her.

Now I did not use the exact examples that Michael gives in the program. I used the psychology behind the examples that he uses and the principles that he teaches and made it personal to my situation. I think that this is where people interested in the program may feel like it’s fake. They do not apply it to their relationship. There are some examples that will work used exactly as Fiore teaches them but most of them should be altered by you.

He Made Rachael Tingle

Michael Fiore and his Text The Romance Back method have been featured on national television and radio including appearing on “The Rachael Ray Show” on Valentine’s Day, where just one of Michael’s “Magic” texts gave Rachael “tingles” and had the whole audience oohing and ahhing.

Go watch this short video to learn how to use tiny little text messages to bring the spark and electricity back into your relationship (even if your man is a “Romantic Numbskull” or if your woman is an “ice queen.”) It’s worked for thousands of couples around the world, and Michael Fiore guarantees it will work for you.

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