I lied: The Ballad of Scott Weiland,( Stoned Temple Pilot)

So yeah guys(and gals;) I lied.

I said that I would be writing and posting everyday but I haven’t been doing this at all.

This is the reason that I get nothing done and perhaps Its the same for you as well.

I know every-time I set out to do something it’s like it just unravels.

Well Today was A trip.

No, I didn’t take a trip numb-nuts, I had a rather strange day to say the least.

I have been really enjoying work. But the time seems to be going by so quickly and everyday seems to get shorter.

People seem to love me but with and air of indifference. I have friends but I feel as though none of the relationships I have or are currently developing or dissipating are fulfilling.

Life is an oxymoron it might as well be called death.

So I’m sitting there just writing out these old sales letters and ad’s and stuff, (I’ll tell you why later) and it just occurred to me that I need to write some thing that my four or five readers can read, side-note:I really Appreciate you guys!

So enough with the sentimental stuff.

Come on, lets do this.

So before in a previous post, I was taking about how I was beginning to manifest things. Like I’m seriously making progress thinking things, albeit small things, into existence all by following this program that I bought along with a few books and some common sense.

But enough about that.

I came here to talk to you today about why I haven’t been writing and also about why my manifestation has been failing.

It is the reason that my life is off track and very likely the reason that yours is too.


Yeah that’s it.


I don’t write because I’d rather sit down and stuff my face, smoke weed and watch TV.

I sit at my job all day and waste some valuable time. Time that I can use to further my education or maybe even write something to post here.

Well (I was about to say, “No more!” but should I really say that?)

Like I said we’re Self Help Sage, Buddy. I guess I’m trying to help myself. If others stumble upon this and benefit all the better, but this is for me.

I’ll be honest with you by being honest with my self and maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to make this change.

I know for a fact I can make money appear out of seemingly no where. I recieved a check from the DMV recently, and found some unclaimed money. Recently I have been managing not not only to pay all my bills and start paying all my debt. I have been more disciplined, but not no where enough.

I have not been drinking and getting drunk as I used to. Today I could have went to “hang out” with my friends where I would have definitely been smoking and maybe even doing other drugs but I declined and came home to share my tales of fortitude with you.

I said I will create a billion dollars from absolutely no where and I know it will happen, and happen it shall soon.

But it requires my mind to laser focus on the goal to the point that I can feel it being seared into to my mind like a branding iron in a cow’s flank.

RIP Scott Weiland

I never really listened to Stone Temple Pilots but this story about Scott’s death really touched me.

I think to myself. “Would this be me if I were to get that kind of money?”

Many people feel as thought money and fame are the keys to happiness but I don’ think that at all.

I think passion is. Scott Weiland had that passion, his music, this passion got him fame and money and everything people usually desire.

He had the passion and the discipline to go after what he knew to be his destiny.

He lacked the discipline to know when to not live his stage persona as his real life (he was an amazing performer by the way.)

I applaud Scott for doing what he loved. God Knows that’s what we should all be doing. But he didn’t realize the life that he lived for years was undisciplined in every other aspect, except for his music, this caused him to spiral out of control.

I’m sure there were great times that he had, not only as a rock star but also as a family man. Living up to what people percive you as is a tall order.

Believe me. I have tried to live up to people’s expectations of me and it never works, whether those expectations are good or bad. In Scott’s case (and in mine) those expectations were bad. He had to live a rock and roll lifestyle even out of public view.

This is what his wife had to say in an article she wrote for Rolling Stone:

“Over the last few years, I could hear his sadness and confusion when he’d call me late into the night, often crying about his inability to separate himself from negative people and bad choices.”

He did not have the disciple to separate himself from negativity and it ultimately lead to his demise.

What this means to me (maybe to you as well)

I just think that its a shame so many people waste their lives away. Some of us have something that we are passionate about, a few are lucky to get paid to do what they love and enjoy life a little more than the rest of us.

But even if you do what you love you may not be happy. Life requires disciple and in today’s world, where you’re bombarded with so much stimuli it’s a wonder that we’re not all on Adderal or Ritalin or Riterall…(if u watch Always Sunny you know what i mean..)

Slow down. Make a small step in the right direction Show discipline Nigga!!


I hope this helped you out.

If it did I’m glad because writing this really helped me get my mind right.






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