First Post of the Rest of My Life

So here I am.

I am going to make it a HABBIT (you will see why this all caps soon) to post on this blog every night starting tonight.

Some of it will no doubt be ramblings and some of it may be terribly unreadable but I don’t care at this point.

Maybe you have read a few of my articles on this site.

You might like them, you might not. I frankly don’t care anymore.

Like I said this is just going to me writing and posting this. I’m not looking to optimize this post. I might promote it, or not.

Beginning to sound like Shakespeare again. To be or not to be. Hahahaha

I had to laugh.

Well anyway I had a shitty day as usual which sucks because I was really improving my situation in life.

I was making some headway learning how to manifest things. I even started to manifest really small things in my life.

Finding money here and there, winning a few dollar scratch offs, nothing major, but I was really seeing some results to what I kept my focus on almost perpetually.

Becoming a billionaire.

I know if you’re reading this, you are without a doubt thinking that this guy has got to be insane.

Well I am.

I know you’re asking.

How me winning a few dollars and finding a few more make me think I could do it with a billion dollars.

Some of you “skeptics” out there might even be saying; all that money I found could all be coincidence.

I also know that, at the risk of being terribly cliché and corny (let’s call it clichorny 🙂 That pennies make dollars and sand makes a beach.

In other worlds, for you stupid literal people out there that bit by bit my manifestation will gain momentum.

I have had a few “opportunities” to make money here and there but they have all been falling through.

I am beginning to doubt if any one does what they say anymore because I have been dealing with some seriously flaky people.

Like I said rambling, but Mr. Person (or Ms. Person, I don’t mean to be sexist.) I figured out why I have been around these people and why I continuously fail at things, or at least, to be fair, believe that I failed in trying to accomplish what I know I want.



Not Bilbo Baggins, That’s a hobbit, I’m talking about Habits those little things that we nurture in our lives as pets.

These things either consume us or help us produce. They help or hinder, Facilitate or debilitate.

Moron dis later… I’m gonna go to sleep but I’m happy with this post. I feel like Doogie Howzer. (i’m also happy that this is under 500 words and has no target keyword….)



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