Surviving an Electromagnetic Pulse: Darkest Days

Electromagnetic pulse is a term that you may have heard in movies and on television. But what is it exactly? A quick Google search yields a definition by Fox news:

“An EMP is a blast of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt — if not destroy — electronic devices within an affected area. You can’t smell, taste or feel EMP radiation, which can be unleashed by nuclear explosions as well as by solar storms and devices.”

Let’s take a second to think of  what this means for our electroSurviving an electromanetic pulsenic dependent society. If our devices were at the very least disrupted by an electromagnetic pulse, we would lose not only electricity, but our water supply, our entire financial system, and infrastructure that we use everyday such as stop lights, hospitals, public and air transportation and even our own vehicles, which are all, since the 1970’s dependent on electronics to run.

Think about it, really think about it. Can you recall a day that electricity has not played a major role in your life? Having become so reliant on electricity has basically put us at the mercy of electromagnetic waves. Either man made or produced by the sun.

So how do you survive a threat that will basically, cripple mainstream society set off a chain of disasters such as food and water shortage and  and send us hurtling back into the dark ages?

The first thing that you can do is to get educated.

Surviving an electromagnetic pulse is not impossible. I found a great book that I have read cover to cover called Darkest Days. It actually comes with two other useful guides when you click on this link here.

This book shows what you can do to survive during a doomsday scenario of this magnitude.

It gives you techniques used by the Amish to store food and live off the fat of the land. If there was any group of people who could show us how to live in a modern world with none of the technology that we’re used to it would be the Amish.

It also shows how to create a device using items found at home to shield electronics for just a few dollars.

I really enjoyed reading Darkest Days. It provided me with a lot of useful information that I can use not only in a crisis situation but in everyday situations as well.



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