Who Am I Really?

When people ask me for help I tell them to help themselves.

I don’t really know what to write. I need to tell you how to help yourself but I really don’t know how I can help myself.

Its funny isn’t it? The self. How it can be possessed(yourself, myself etc.) How after an unfortunate incident in which you are culpable, you can say, “but I wasn’t my self!” That then begs the question, “Who are you?”

Who am I?

Who am I? This is the first thing you need to figure out. Then as the great bard William would say, “To thyself be true. When used in this context, is the biggest piece of self help advice in a general sense. If you want to help yourself; you must know yourself, and then love yourself enough to be honest with yourself.Who am I?

This is the main reason that we need self-help programs in the first place. People do not love themselves enough to actually sit down and be honest to themselves and want to look to others for help when all the help you need is inside.

You need to love yourself enough to actually do what is necessary. To have the discipline to see your faults and flaws, love them, but love them for the challenges they are. They build character as you improve on them or even use them to your advantage.

What about liking you exactly as you are and really caring less of what people think of you? How about you stop worrying about getting old and not accomplishing anything and be happy with who you are and what you have in this present moment? Embrace it and become familiar with it. Enough so you can improve on it.

The first exercise in self help that I want you to try is this:


You do not have to pay for all education. In fact most education is free. If you are willing to try things for yourself and experiment.

If that’s your thing then, by all means, go and test, tinker and take notes. Develop a theory and test it scientifically if possible, applying it to the real world in the process, taking meticulous notes along the way.

Or if you are more like me just do some research on people who have already done the research and use their knowledge.

No mans an island….

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