Text the Romance Back, Can Texts Save Your Relationship?

No time for romance? Relationship expert Michael Fiore says you’re wrong. He can show you how to bring all the romance, love and even passion you’re missing back into your relationship, simply by pushing a few buttons on the cell phone you have in your pocket or purse  right now.

“Digital Telepathy”

Text messages are the closest thing to telepathy we have” says Fiore. “Simply by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone you can create a private little fantasy world between you and your partner … where you can say or do anything without anyone else having a clue.”


What I Think:Text the Romance Back

This is very true and it is also an original way of looking at something like a text message. I am writing from a male point of view and even the thought of a text as a “fantasy world” where you and your partner can do or say anything you want gives me goosebumps.

At first I was very skeptical of Text the Romance Back. Text messages to make someone love you or make them interested in you again? Sounds too good to be true. But then I decided to get this program for myself and try it out on my romantic interest.

The person I tried a few of the texts on was a 300x250-texting_men_squeezeperson that I was interested in for a long time. She was once attracted to me but in my ordinary fashion; I said and did all the wrong things and successfully made her stop liking me as a romantic interest. We remained friends, although she ignored all romantic advances that I made toward her.

Now I did not use the exact examples that Michael gives in the program. I used the psychology behind the examples that he uses and the principles that he teaches and made it personal to my situation. I think that this is where people interested in the program may feel like it’s fake. They do not apply it to their relationship. There are some examples that will work used exactly as Fiore teaches them but most of them should be altered by you.

He Made Rachael Tingle

Michael Fiore and his Text The Romance Back method have been featured on national television and radio including appearing on “The Rachael Ray Show” on Valentine’s Day, where just one of Michael’s “Magic” texts gave Rachael “tingles” and had the whole audience oohing and ahhing.

Go watch this short video to learn how to use tiny little text messages to bring the spark and electricity back into your relationship (even if your man is a “Romantic Numbskull” or if your woman is an “ice queen.”) It’s worked for thousands of couples around the world, and Michael Fiore guarantees it will work for you.

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